What We Do

Our technical support is available 24 x 7 for any of your computer related issues like fixing computer errors, fixing computer problems, speed up slow pc, fixing rundll errors, and more. All you need to do is explain the trouble you are facing with your computer and our technicians will start working towards resolving them.

Fix your computer errors, Fix computer problems, Fix rundll errors, Fix slow computer, Fix registry errors and problems here.

Our remote support services will assure your computer issues are fixed securely and real time. Our remote support is completely secure as you can view the commands used by our technician for troubleshooting. Gassistance certified technician will effectively resolve issues related to installation or uninstallation of programs, upgrade, PC optimization, computer performance and many more.

Do It Your Self Support - At the same time you can follow the instructions given by our technician over the phone to resolve issues you are facing with your computer or laptop.

Our technical services include:

  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • PC optimization for better and faster performance
  • Operating system issues
  • Memory Issues
  • Tab/Smart Phone Issues
  • Software & Driver Updates on your PC
  • Disk Defragmentation
  • Resolving system start up issues
  • Registry repair
  • Blue screen of death
  • System restore
  • Application proper functioning
  • Install upgrades
  • Antivirus Installation
  • Printer Set Up
  • Wireless Router & Networking
Adding new peripherals like Printer, Ipod, digital camera, scanners etc. And Many More..

Why Gassistance For Your Desktop Or Laptop?
  • Experienced & highly trained technology experts
  • Service available 24x7 365 days a year
  • Instant solutions for all your computer or laptop issues
  • Core focus on Customer satisfaction and immediate resolution
  • Hassle free remote support
  • Trusted & professional name in the Industry
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