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GT Assistance ensures the most reliable and an up to the mark service, which is the reason for our strong client base. The most crucial points are gauged upon and rectified accordingly. The technicians are certified and can fix any of the email related issue. 1-877-230-4445 is the toll-free number which is accessible twenty-four seven

As Hotmail has now been over taken and powered by Outlook, it is present everywhere with its apps available on Desktop, Android and IOS.

The major features that it serves are-

  • Focus on the most important emails.
  • It has a powerful spam filter.
  • Up to 100 mb of attachments can be added
  • It carries some smart filters like automatically reminding about the events, reminding about transactions and important mails like flight tickets or movie reminders etc.
  • Important links are integrated at one place- Calendar, contacts, to do and tasks.
  • Assists the features of One Time Integration, Cloud Integration, Gmail Integration and Windows Integration
  • One can apply certain rules to the inbox, for example- to intelligently sort out or delete emails from some or all sources.

GT Assistance infers to the glitches related to any of the mentioned features, understands the problem coherently, diagnoses the glitch and fixes it without taking much time. The tech support will help reset your password for the account and it also blocks the unwanted and unknown email addresses as per the demand.

Technical Support for Hotmail:

  • Provides help with viewing, editing and sharing office documents
  • Assists in the real time document collaboration
  • Helps in sending huge files.
  • Provides assistance with one click filter.
  • Helps in accessing quick and active views.

Reaching out to GT Assistance for help would prove out to be worthy and fruitful. Our toll free number is 1-877-230-4445.

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