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Gmail is an e-mail service by google, which solves the multi-purpose of providing with Drive, google photos, consisting of 15 GB space including Drive, Gmail and Google Plus Photos. At the same time, this provides with the ability to search for specific messages.Gmail serves the user with backups, and hangouts- a social networking app by google which allows a user to video chat with more than 10 users at a certain time. Even google voice is integrated into the browser via Gmail.


GR Assistance imparts quality service in the form of technicians to provide assistance for Gmail technical support.
We can configure and fix the problem from every nook and corner at your convenience.We provide you with the comfort of securing your problems by rectifying it from our system even if we be some distance away. One can easily access the Gmail apps in their smartphones and even a toll-free calling assistance is provided with if a query occurs which can’t be solved through emails

The Gmail support offers various features including the following:

  • Provides with the option of one click login.
  • Sending an email is completely free of cost
  • It is a store house of secure email as the security is strong.
  • The Gmail account is not at all easy to be controlled or be hacked
  • One can share files till 15 GB of data.
  • Suggests suggestions in the search engine.
  • Searches are automatically saved.
  • Email-ids are auto-saved until one removes it on their own.
  • Provides with a twenty-four seven phone and email support.
  • One can access multiple Gmail accounts at a particular time.
  • Google Help assists with support for the product.

Basic Gmail Support

  • Spell Checker
  • Rich formatting.
  • Custom from addresses.
  • Adding or importing contacts.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Chat

Advanced Gmail Support

  • Allows you to use the Gmail API in Apps Script.
  • Enables sample coding
  • Permits to list inbox snippets.
  • Enlists the recent history along with the ID of every message.

We are an experienced bunch of technicians, who would not only provide quality assistance for Google but also for Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail and many more. Our services can be availed at 1-877-230-4445

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