Browser Support

We at Twqsupport make sure that you do not face any problems with your Internet Browsers. We have certified technicians who work on your computer and fix almost any computer issues, just give us a call @ 1-877-230-4445 and get your problems resolved and it has been said by one of our customers "The support that we provide is the best"

    Internet explorer Issues:

  • Internet explorer crashes
  • Uninstalling internet explorer
  • Scan for Malware
  • Reset all Internet explorer settings
  • The Spinning circle doesn’t stop
  • Personalize your internet explorer
    Google Chrome Issues:

  • Google chrome crashes
  • Installation and updates Issues
  • Google for Android Known issues
  • Uninstalling Google chrome
  • Privacy and Security Settings
  • The Spinning circle Doesn’t stop
  • The Server is busy, Please try again later
  • The account is already being used on this computer.

    Mozilla Firefox Issues:

  • Clear your cookies and cache
  • Restart Firefox in Safe Mode
  • Reinstall Firefox
  • Reset Firefox
  • Slowness
  • Mozilla Firefox Crashes
  • Scan for Virus

    Opera Issues

  • A problem with how a page is displayed, including forms, images, or errors
  • A problem with Opera Mail, news client, or download or display of
  • An issue related to file downloads
  • A problem experienced when installing Opera
  • An issue related to Opera's developer tool

    Safari Issues

  • Remove Mac Defender malware
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard and malware detection
  • Reinstalling Safari
  • Safari won't close
  • Safari Won't Open
  • Safari won't save bookmarks
  • Safari will not close
  • Non-responsive DNS server or invalid DNS configuration can cause long delay before WebPages load
  • Slow or partial webpage loading, or webpage cannot be found
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