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AVG means “Anti-Virus Guard”, it is developed under AVG technologies due to which it runs in various platforms such as Windows, MacOS, and Android etc. It works on internet security programs which includes periodic scans, scans of sent and received emails and also repair virus-infected files.

Here, you get remote support from our expert team. We provide instant solutions for any problem. Our Toll-Free Number is 1-877-230-4445 you can contact us on this number for any technical problem. Let’s know more about AVG support system.

  1. Recognizing Genuine AVG and Avoid Scams:
    In computer security AVG is a trusted name so it is obvious that certain scams may use their name and trademark illegally. Due to scams they are contacting a third party who may not have our customer’s best interest.
    Do not directly install from any third party website, install it from official page of AVG products. Always remember the instructions provided by AVG group.
    AVG never required any credit card information to exemplify your details of AVG products.
    AVG never sends unrequested email messages.
    All the AVG updates are always done from AVG program itself.
    Unsolicited phone calls are not done by the AVG.
    AVG offers its official page to download any program in itself and displayed a list of trusted partners.
  2. How to check if you are subscribed to automatic extension:
    This is activated on AVG antivirus, AVG Internet Security, and AVG PC Tune Up, during the purchase of AVG official online store, a notification will be sent on subscribed email address about the current subscription.
  3. Managing privacy settings:
    From many sites anonymous data get collected in most AVG products so this helps us to react instantly on latest security threats and improving the functionality of our products and products insurance to meet users need.
  4. Transferring AVG for Android to a new device:
    Don’t get worried if you stuck in transferring AVG services onto your new Android device. You should follow the easy steps as given below:
    Login your new device with your Google account that you used earlier when you purchased AVG antivirus.
    Now search for AVG in Google Play.
    Open purchased confirmation email on your device.
    Download the link to install the application.
    Now enter your license key and activate the application.
  5. Installing AVG Antivirus Free on Windows:
    It prevents viruses, spyware, and other malicious threats from infecting your device. It works against fake websites, ransomware, hackers and spammers when you come online.
    First and foremost step is to download the installer for AVG Internet Security and save it in the familiar location on your PC.
    Now downloaded the setup file from the option Run as administrator.
    Then a prompted window appeared select yes option to make changes to your device.
    Now select your installation language and click install the file.
    AVG can be accessed from windows taskbar.
  6. Preparing your computer for installing AVG:
    The AVG installation difficulties can be easily resolved by following the instructions given below:
    Make sure that your system should meet AVG’s system requirements.
    Your windows operating system should be updated.
    Is any security software already presented in your computer?
    Run installation as Administrator.
    Install the latest version of files for better functionality.
  7. How to remove AVG trial message and go with free protection
  8. How to uninstall other antivirus software
    If other antivirus softwares are already installed into your computer then go with these easy steps to uninstall the unwanted antivirus software. Follow the steps given below.
    Firstly start your computer on safe mode.
    Now press the windows key +R on your keyboard
    Now select the program you wanted to delete or remove and then click uninstall.
  9. Managing HTTPS scanning in web shield in AVG Antivirus
    HTTPS means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, it’s a more secure version of HTTP connection. It’s a feature of web shield in AVG Antivirus and it get enabled as we install AVG Antivirus. It scans encrypted traffic to detect potential malware.
    If you want to disable HTTPS scanning then follow these steps:
    Go to the AVG antivirus user interface and then select Menu-> Settings-> Components.
    Now click on Customize which is next to Web Shield.
    Now Enable HTTPS scanning.
  10. Troubleshooting email client warnings
    It warns user against invalid server certificates. The Email Shield in the AVG Antivirus uses an advanced scanning methods for incoming and outgoing of emails over secured connections.
    You can export Email shield certificate from AVG antivirus by applying following steps:
    Double click on AVG icon and open the user interface.
    Now go to Menu and then click Settings.
    Now select customize option from Email Shield panel present at the left side panel.
    Then select SSL scanning and also ensure Scan SSL connections should be ticked and then click Export certificate.
  11. Protect your system with AVG antivirus program with a password:
    In protected areas you should be aware about every boxes and the instructions written on it.
    General program access: it opens the user interface of AVG antivirus.
    Program settings: from here you can access all program settings of AVG antivirus.
    Protection control: it access the real-time protection shields and can be turn on/off.
    Protection settings: it actives the protection shields from settings.
    Scan settings: it determine various scans parameters.
    Update control: it modify update settings for various program definitions and virus definitions.
    Quarantine control: it helps in accessing the control work of quarantined files.
    Backup AVG settings: it restore or backup your AVG settings.
    Enhanced firewall settings: all the settings related to firewall are accessed through it.
  12. Excluding files and folders from scanning in AVG:
    This is used to exclude the files and folders AND websites from scanning in AVG antivirus. In the antivirus file shield actively scans all programs, files, and folders as they are opened, run, modified and saved.
    Apply following steps:
    Go to AVG icon placed on your system tray or at taskbar.
    Now click Menu -> Settings -> Components and then click on Customize option placed next to Field Shield.
    Now select the Exceptions tab.
    Browse the file location or tick the relevant folder.
    Now click Add.
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