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    The most trusted anti-spyware which is known for its faster and better performance is one and only Avast Antivirus. It is basically free of cost, no charges are taken from there. You can download it from any search engine. It’s a free utility software which is used to prevent, detect, and remove the malicious programs that can harm your system.

    Avast is a lightweight and intuitive protection antivirus software. It provides next-generation cybersecurity for all the devices. It manages security with real-time protection and have intelligent threat-detection feature and also added security for your network and passwords etc.

    Malware encompasses much malicious software such as worms, ransomware, spyware, key loggers, rootkits, Trojan horses and much more. These malicious programs challenge the security of computer and infected our important files and folders.

    This is the helping page of the Avast Antivirus software. It helps you to resolve any technical problem that arrived during installation. Our expert team will help you to deal with any such problem. Our toll-free number is 1-877-230-4445, you can call us any time.

    Avast antivirus software is the single window solution for the problem. It is an intelligent antivirus that is also feasible at home network security and does smart scanning. It helps to secure DNS and browser cleanup and also prevent from phishing.

    Let’s discuss the advanced feature of Avast Antivirus:
    1. Webcam Shield: It is the latest feature of Avast Antivirus which protect from illegal accessing of your PC’s webcam. If any malware program or any untrusted application tried to capture images or videos without your consent, then webcam shield becomes active by default and prevents its access.
      If you have not yet accessed this feature of Avast then go for these settings instantly:
      Step1: open Avast user interface. Step2: now go to privacy. Step3: then active Webcam Shield.
    2. Sensitive Data Shield: This feature is also one of the important features of Avast Premier and Avast Internet Security. It is used to scan and protects all your personal documents from any unauthorized access. The Sensitive Data Shield examine which applications and users can access the data or sensitive files. It doesn’t compromise with the privacy and security of personal information.
      If you have not yet accessed this feature into your PC then follow the steps which are given below:
      Step1: Firstly open Avast user interface Step2: now go to privacy option Step3: then active sensitive data shield option
    3. Ransomware Shield: This feature of Avast Premier provides you the way how to protect your personal photos and documents efficiently and effectively. This feature protects your files from being modified, deleted or encrypted from any ransomware attack. It scans the folder automatically which contain our personal data and you can also specify the folders which you wanted to be protected. Ransomware Shield can be enabled by default. If this feature is not accessed in your system then access it by following these easy steps:
      Step1: open the Avast user interface Step2: go to the menu option Step3: Now click on settings. Step4: then click Components.
    4. Do Not Disturb Mode: It is one of the best new feature of Avast Antivirus which is upgraded in the previous game mode feature. It is used to mute the unnecessary notifications which always disturb while working. When you run your application in full screen then automatically Do Not Disturb Mode activates by default and add these notifications into a list of applications. It has one more advance feature i.e. you can also tick the Maximize performance box which is next to any application.it also boost the performance of your system.
    5. Behavior Shield: It can be assumed as the active protection layer in Avast Antivirus. It guards the presence of all the suspicious malicious code. It works by detecting and blocking the infected files when they showed resemblance to other known threats. It provides optimal protection when switched on. We strongly suggest you to turn on the component at all times. To manage the parameters of Behavior Shield use the tabs on the left side of the screen and then click OK and then save Behavior Shield settings.
    6. Browser Cleanup: After downloading the free software, some hidden add-ons always arrived with it which extract the important data of the vendor. They use this data to analyze their preferences and send it to specific vendors. In accordance with your interest, they kept sending notifications whenever you open your system. These ads are generally called user-specific ads. These ads are very annoying because they manipulate your search engine results, interfere with your browsing experience, it also changed your Browser homepage etc.
    7. Cyber Capture: It’s an advance feature of Avast Antivirus that detects and analyzes the suspicious files. If any suspicious file accessed in the system then Cyber Capture blocks the file and sends it to the Avast Threat Labs. A notification is generated after the completion of analysis.
    8. Game Mode:It improves the performance of your PC .When you disable any unnecessary apps that kept running in the background. Game mode automatically launches when you run games from the list of entries that are automatically listed.
    9. Smart Scan: It detects malware, outdated software and bad browser add-ons and network threats and other performances issues. For a smart scan you should follow these steps to activate it into your system:
      Step1: open Avast user interface. Step 2: now select protection option. Step 3: then click on Scans option.
    10. Avast Passwords: It is a password that allows you to securely store sensitive information in one place. It quickly fills your web forms and also accesses your online accounts.
    11. Wi-Fi Inspector: It scans the vulnerabilities of the network and also identifies all the potential security issues. It checks the status of the network and the devices connected to the network and also routers all the settings. It prevents your network from hackers and also monitors misusing of your personal data.
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